Saturday, December 19, 2009

She's here!!!

Jordin Linde Bedford arrived Sunday December 13th at 8:36 PM. She Weighted 6lbs and 9oz. This is gonna be a long post so if you want to skip this part and look at the pictures I don't blame ya.

So... Linde came into town for 3 days and I walked around pretty much for 3 days. I was having lots of contractions but they would stop... Until Saturday around 5:00. So Kevin and I went to the hospital and I was only dialated to a 3 and I got sent home. Yeah I felt stupid.. oh well, That night I was having contractions ALL night and they were not stopping, looking back I was in labor all night but I didn't want to go to the hospital and get sent home again and feel like a crazy prego lady. Sunday morning around 7 we went to the hospital and I had progressed, they broke my water and when I was a 6 I got the amazing epidural. I pushed for a little over then an 1 hour and a half and she was here. My Dr did have to use the suction cup to get her out and I had a 4th degree episiotomy and ripped even more. It was pretty sad to see her head as a cone but the next day it was gone. I was always scared of that. The cord was wrapped around her neck and she wasn't coming out fast enough that's why he had to do what he did. I'm doing pretty good.. It hurts like crazy but I'm very grateful that the epidural worked. Being a mom is so amazing. I've never felt so much joy and love. It truly is a miracle. My mom and dad made it and I was very happy about that. I have the best parents ever. My mom has been a life savor and has helped out so much. Kevin and I just sit and look at her and we can't get enough of her. Kevin is the best dad, he's a very hands on its pretty funny. She is the best baby! She only cries when she's hungry or when she's poopie. We are so blessed to have her, it really is such an amazing thing. Words can't even explain. Here are A LOT of pictures of her.

My dad is the best Grandpa, We had to beg him to hold her :)

Don't you love her hat!

Being a new mom is the best feeling ever!

I love this outfit.. She almost can't fit in it anymore :(

This is one of my Favorite's

My Computer is being gay and wont let me download anymore pictures.. Ugh oh well I'll do another post soon. There's a lot of pictures anyways... Sorry but she's just so
dang cute :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

34 weeks pictures

I know I'm totally overloading with pictures. Ultrasound pictures once you've seen one they all look the same. But These one's you can see her so good. I'm 34 weeks so she really has developed from last time. I am very excited to say that She has a full head of hair. :) I have been scared that she wasn't going to have any, I don't know why. And the umbilical cord was on her face so it was hard to get her full front face. But here are some of the pictures that I chose to post. She looks so comfortable

The lady called this the Elvis look. haha Her left lip is kinda going up.

The 2nd on top and the bottom left shows her BIG lips and her nose really good. I loved looking at her lips they look so pretty.

She's yawning in the bottom left and then she's smiling in the bottom right. It was so cute

Smiling for us :) Look at those Cheeks

Here is her HUGE lips again. And her little nose...

It was so fun seeing her this big. It gives me even more of an idea of what she's gonna look like. I think she looks like Kevin. But has my chubby cheeks. Now I just can't wait to see her even more.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Little up date

Just a little update, I'm doing pretty good. 2 weeks ago I started feeling contractions for about 3 days but I didn't say anything because they were not close together, then Sunday morning they were really close. I've always have made fun of women who think they are in labor and go to the hospital all the time so I didn't wanna go. I did say anything to Kevin because he already had a lot on his mind and he didn't need a crazy wife saying she was having contractions. So I called my mom and from there Kevin took me to the hospital and the nurse's hooked me up to all the monitors and sure enough I was in pre labor and 60% effaced. They gave me a shot and they stopped for about 6 hours and they came back and I have them everyday but they are not close enough. So now I have to go to the Dr. once a week and get this shot. Last week I was 75%effaced so he put me on bed rest! So far these 2 weeks have sucked! But in the next breath I am so excited to be having a baby. I know I have to stay down because if I progress anymore I can't go home for thanksgiving and for my shower and Linde will KILL me. I really do feel bad for the women who get put on it for months. I don't know how they do it. Kevin has been awesome, and taking really good care of me. I love that kid. I'm 33 weeks.. 7 weeks to go! I took pictures of Jordin's bedroom its been done for months I'm just lazy. But my computer is being gay so that will be the next post. Other then that I'm fat, huge and ready to get this little girl here- but not too soon!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Time Flys

This post is just for fun. I've been missin my family the last few days and I came across some old pictures and I thought they were pretty funny. Most of these are from 5 plus years ago.

These two started it all...

Just us :)
My dad and his counselors dancing for our ward Christmas party. ohh my dad cracks me up

my mom doing what she does best, being a grammie :) Harlee and Kenzi

Linde and Luke with only 3 kids.. now they added two more.

Linde, Kyron, Kason and Kenzi... The guy in the back ground looks like he's eyeing Linde lol
The Beach.. Kenzi was chubbyThis smile Kenzi did all the time.. Loved itKooper 2 years agoKali Jett 2008
Kevin and Trex
DaxNate and Harlee Shelbi would always cross her eyes and thought she was so big.

Shelbi and HarleeNate and Jen

Dan and Chelsee.. before Camo

Kevin and Camo
Linde and Jen at Six Flags

My mom would hold all the boy's hats while we all rode the rides at 6 six flags. I love Luke's face... I have the best brother in law :)

Timmy in Vermont getting ready to snowboard down the hill.. He thought he was so cool.

Me and Kev.. over 3 years go. :)

My mom and Dad have 5 kids and 13 grand kids.... 2 are on the way. That brings our family a total of 25. Holy crap that's a lot of people. I love having a big family, Our family pictures are never perfect some kid is always crying or Nate or Dan is having a cow about taking them but its always fun to look back and laugh. Its never quiet or a dull moment. It makes me sad that the kids are growing us so fast. Linde had Kyron right before I started 6Th grade that's how fast they are growing. I think I have the best family in the world! and its all because of my mom and dad. All of us siblings are so close and we are so blessed to have that. :) Thanks mom and dad :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hope everyone had a good Halloween! We went to our friends house for a party and it was a blast! I thought our costumes were the best. I laugh everytime I think of them. Kev didn't want to wear them at first but I made him. So any of you who are prego next year this is an easy cheep way to go! (and funny) Anyways............... I'm 31 weeks here and Fat!
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Loving it!

I LOVE LOVE feeling Jordin kick and move around. Sometimes it hurts cuz she does it so hard but I love it. She moves around ALL day and most of the night. I think she has my energy... Crap. :) Now I can tell if its a foot, heal or her elbow doing whatever its doing. Looking down and seeing your belly move all crazy is so awesome. I love having my energy back now and not looking at a toilet. I know in one of my post I was mad about being so sick and not feeling so good but I'd do it all again and I knew I would then. It would just be better not being sick 6 months haha. I'm just so excited to get her here.

I had a Dr. Appointment last week and it went good. I lost 17 pounds when I was sick but I have almost gained it all back so he wasn't worried about my weight anymore. He said he will induce me 10 days before my due date which would be December 23... so thats not gonna happen thats WAY to close to Christmas. I think I'm going to go with December 30th and I hope I have her on the 31st. If I don't go into labor before that. I know I've heard being induced in harder but I'd rather be because I can have my mom and Linde plan ahead of time. If she came today I'd be pretty much ready, her room is already and she has enough clothes to last her a life time. (thanks to my mom and Linde :) I just think its amazing how you can love someone SO much and they aren't even here yet!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

6 1/2 months

Because everyone has been asking for prego pictures................. here I am. I'm 6 1/2 months in these. These are the only 2 I let Kevin take. I love seeing everyone else pregnant but just not me. I did have a Dr. app last week and everything went just fine. Jordin is one active baby, she moves and kicks all day and I really mean all day.(maybe its all the Dr. pepper I still drink) Its so fun to feel. I'm just hoping she's getting it all out inside of me, and is just a relaxed and easy going baby like her dad is now when she comes out..... I doubt it. She's gonna have all my energy. haha I'm just so excited about this little girl. So is Kev, Sometimes I wish I would write down the cute things he says and how excited he is about her. He's gonna be such a great dad. I just can't believe I'm already 6 1/2 months. The last 2 weeks have been awesome. I'm feeling really good. Throwing up here and there but I can actually sleep in the bed now and not the bathroom :)

Me and Kevin went to the UNLV game last week and had a blast! It was such a good game. They lost 23-21. But it was still fun.

Love this kid!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nicoll Reunion 2009

Our Nicoll Reunion was over labor day weekend and we had a blast like always. It was so fun because everyone was there.. But Dan, we missed him he was in Hawaii working. We went camping this year. Chelsee was in charge and did such a good job. The kids had a blast with all the fun games that they did. I love camping!!! To me I feel like you can just relax and have fun without nothing to worry about. We didn't even get rained on. It really was amazing that we didn't. Here are all the pictures that I got. I'm kinda mad because I didn't get one of everyone. I'm bad at taking pictures I always forget Ugh..... but hope you enjoy :)

If you saw Kevin this is what he was doing... He had Kali Jett pretty much the whole time. He has missed this little girl since we left Eagar and he was so excited to see her. And She loves him back just as much. Its so cute.

Me and Kenzi.... we were partners for all the activities :)
Gotta love this kid...

The little kids loved this swing.

Timmy was our Game Show host

This was the BEST part of the whole thing.. Kason dancing like Michael Jackson. We put on Annie are you ok and he busted out. We were dying laughing. This kid cracks me up.

The moon walk..............