Friday, September 26, 2008

Kenzi's letter

So last time when we were in Arizona Kenzi was my best friend. She was so cute. Well when Kevin and I left to head back to Vegas Kenzi feel asleep so we didn't get to say good bye. So I wrote her a letter so she wouldn't be sad when she woke up and found us gone. Well a few days later I got a letter back. It was so cute. Here is just one page of it. It would only scan the one I don't know why?Don't you love she says LOBE u you. On the other page it has a picture of us holding hands and hearts all over. And then on the back of the envelope she drew some more. I just had to share because I thought she was so sweet. I even have it on my refrigerator. I miss them so much. But in a week I will see ALL my family if Nate and Jen come to Round Valley too. I can't wait! I know its been a month since I've blog but it's been so crazy around here. I'll update soon! :)