Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Loving it!

I LOVE LOVE feeling Jordin kick and move around. Sometimes it hurts cuz she does it so hard but I love it. She moves around ALL day and most of the night. I think she has my energy... Crap. :) Now I can tell if its a foot, heal or her elbow doing whatever its doing. Looking down and seeing your belly move all crazy is so awesome. I love having my energy back now and not looking at a toilet. I know in one of my post I was mad about being so sick and not feeling so good but I'd do it all again and I knew I would then. It would just be better not being sick 6 months haha. I'm just so excited to get her here.

I had a Dr. Appointment last week and it went good. I lost 17 pounds when I was sick but I have almost gained it all back so he wasn't worried about my weight anymore. He said he will induce me 10 days before my due date which would be December 23... so thats not gonna happen thats WAY to close to Christmas. I think I'm going to go with December 30th and I hope I have her on the 31st. If I don't go into labor before that. I know I've heard being induced in harder but I'd rather be because I can have my mom and Linde plan ahead of time. If she came today I'd be pretty much ready, her room is already and she has enough clothes to last her a life time. (thanks to my mom and Linde :) I just think its amazing how you can love someone SO much and they aren't even here yet!