Friday, June 19, 2009

3 years....

I'm a little late on this post but Kevin and I were married 3 years ago on the 16Th in the Salt Lake Temple. Its been the best 3 years of my life. I married such an awesome guy. It feels like yesterday that I was late for the wedding, forgot my temple recommend and being so glad my dad was my bishop and was there to help me out. (it was a crazy day) Its been so fun being married especially to Kevin he's so easy going and easy to get along with, and I'm hard headed but it works out for us. 3 years later we have a kid on the way and we couldn't be happier. Don't get me wrong its not always happy everyday we've had our ups and downs but for the most part it is. Every time I look at him I always wonder how the hell did I get so lucky? I wasn't that good and Kevin was. I remember saying to Kev, lets just get married in my parents backyard and we'll go though the temple next year. But he didn't want to, so he waited for me for 8 months and I am SO glad he did because now we have each other FOREVER!!!! Its good for me but I don't know about for him. ha JK. I was gone for this years anniversary, I was at the lake with my family, but we are gonna be doing something tonight. Here are so pictures of our day!

My dad was paying Kevin to marry me... And I had no clue.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Who ever said they loved being pregnant is crazy and out of their mind! and they had to be lying. I hope I don't make anyone mad about venting about being sick and feeling so fat and ugly. But I have been looking at the toilet for the last 10 weeks! okay.... 7 but still. I hate all the women who have it so easy, never feel sick, can eat anything, feels the same. I think that's crap! I know I am such a big baby but I think I haven't really complained until now! I've had it!!!!! and what sucks is... I'm only 10 weeks into this. I have FOREVER... I just wanna cry. I am taking pills to help me keep the baby and my Dr. said they make women really sick... like on there death bed. Could they have not made a pill that does the same thing and doesn't make you sick. I am hoping I will get better after the first trimester because I wont have to take them anymore. I'm just so glad I have my husband who is taking such good care of me. Seriously girls he's amazing. Any takers who want to carry my next baby please call. Anyways I know I will be glad when its all over but right now I'm not so peachy about being prego. I have a Dr. appointment on Wednesday and so I think seeing the baby will make me feel a little better.

This is us in Hawaii... I wish I could go back

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Linde say good by to 29... Your 30!!!!!

Linde is 30 everyone!!!!!! Here are a few facts about her

30 Facts about Linde

1. Is 30
2. Not in her twenties anymore
3. Has 5 amazing kids
4. Is an AMAZING mom
5. Super mom
6. Never cry's
7. Will do anything for anyone
8. Is a good listener
9. Loves Ocean water at sonic
10. Got married at 18
11. Had Kyron at 19... the day before her first anniversary
12. Is getting old
13. I've never heard her fart
14. She's a lady
15. Very Beautiful
16. So funny
17. She takes care of me
18. She's my second mom
19. Loves you no matter what
20. Needs Boobies :)
21. Is building a house
22. Skinny
23. The best big sister
24. Has a funny husband
25. A good looking one too
26. Dated Luke since she was 15 1/2.. I think
27. Loves to be in the water
28. Loves sports
29. Loves her kids so much
30. is OLD and getting OLDER

happy birthday Linde! I love you and your such I'm so glad I can call you my sister. Your such a fun and loving person. I hope you have a great day. I love ya and miss you. I wish you were closer. :) YOUR 30 Linde!! wow

These were the only pictures I could find.