Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our little family is FINALLY growing

3 weeks ago I was sitting on the couch watching TV and I jumped up and said Kevin I'm two weeks late, what the crap? So I took a pregnancy test and it only showed one line so I left and went to Dan and Chelsee's  so Kevin could study and I wouldn't bug him and I didn't think much of it just that I was kinda sad it didn't say positive. When I got home I sat down and Kevin put the test in front of me and said, "Babe we're having a baby". I looked down and it was POSITIVE! Yes I am Pregnant. Kevin knew before me. I always thought the pregnant woman would know first. But not with us. ha ha. We are very excited. I am on some pills to help me carry the baby and it seams to be working. I am pretty sick and I can't keep anything down. I wanted to wait a little longer but this last weekend my whole family was together in RV so that Kevin thought it was a great time to tell them. We were gonna start trying in June but it didn't work that way but we weren't doing anything to stop it. We are very very pumped about this. I thought we would have had kids sooner but it seams like its the best time. I'm so glad that Kevin and I have had our time and we have loved every minute of it but we are even more excited to start our little family. I am Due January 1st!