Friday, January 30, 2009

Kate and Gracie!

This post is over a month past but I wanted to post this because I had so much fun. The weekend before Christmas I had a chance to babysit my cousin Andrew's friends Janie and Peter's two little girls ( hope that made sense)... Gracie and Kate. These girls are so cute. I just love them and I had a blast with them. It was my first time meeting them but I was so sad to see them go.... Now I can't wait to see them again...Here are a few pictures from our 2 nights of FUN!!!!!!


Me and the girls watching a movie :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just a little update and also for me to put in my book.... Kevin starts school tomorrow and he is taking 2 really hard classes with 2 labs. I know it doesn't sound like a lot but they are really hard classes the 2 hardest he will take in premed. He is moving down to work 20 hours a week which will be really hard and tight on money. But he is really excited, he said he finally fills like he is starting school and is really excited for medical school to start. Even though it starts in like 1 1/2 years..  and 4 years after that and then who knows how long residency will be... ha ha.  Yes we still have a long road. But Kevin is so amazing, he has worked his butt off for us to live a very comfortable life and we have been able to go as we please and do whatever we want. It's been really fun but our life is really starting now... with school, being poor and just living a student life. We are really excited. (I'm scared too:) ) Even though we have been married for almost 3 years and Kevin has been going to school the whole time it just fills that its starting now and that this is real. He's really going to medical school... holy crap my husband is gonna do it. Ahhhhh.....  If he was to work 40 hours still it would take him a life time to finish his pre-med. We always joked Kevin you'll be 60 when your done. haha really it wasn't a joke at the rate he was going. But was really funny. this little story is really funny,

Kyron said I will be done with school in 8 or 9 years 

and I said so will Kevin... 

Kyron said awesome!!!!!! me and Kevin will be done with school at the same time sweet.

 lol we were all dying laughing. Kyron was telling everyone how him and Kevin were going to be done at the same time. I was freaking out because it seams so long. But really I am excited.

Kevin has done so good on taking care of me and just loving me. I love being married and I am excited for what the next 15 or more years of school brings! haha. I really got lucky Kevin choose me. and I think I did pretty good!.. okay I did great! I know he might not read this because he is anti blog but I love ya and thanks for working so hard and taking care of me :) I am excited for you to do what you love!!   

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I know I am WAY late on my posts but I am trying to play catch up on one post. So there will be a lot of pictures....

Kevin and I went to my work's Christmas party at Del Friscos. It has the best food ever! We loved it. It was really fun. Here are some pictures from it....

This is all 3 of my boss's... I love these guys. I couldn't ask for 3 better ones.
From the Right... Scott Larsen (owner) Me, Wally Larsen and Brian Green. Thanks again Scottie!

I Just love this guy!!!!! :)
I love being able to work with Dan. It's pretty fun to be able to see what him and Kevin do everyday.
Dan and Chelsee.... Dan is totally fondling Chels. He was trying to be sneaky but I got it on camera!! Dan got cought. haha Don't you love her face!!!

Okay so Here is our Christmas. Anyways We had Christmas at my family's this year and it was a blast!! I didn't get a lot of pictures as I wanted but here are a few....

Jen and the Boys!
Kevin Playing with Dax

Me and Nash! I love this little guy or should I say.... big guy. It was my first time meeting him and I couldn't get enough of him. He is so HUGE! He was totally flurting with me. I was so glad to see Markee. I haven't seen her for ever!
Me Markee and Nash!
Camo.. She loved her boots and her Hat oh and her gloves... We were getting ready to go up on the mountain!
Grandpa and Camo. Grandpa is such a dork. But that's why we love him.
My mom and Camo. She loved being pulled around in that thing

I loved being in the snow! I think Kevin is starting to like it! :)

This is how we ended our trip! Kooper stuck a button up his nose. Yes I said a button. It was HUGE! But this is normal for him. He always sticks stuff up there. This is Linde, Kevin and my mom trying to get it out. Usually Linde gets them out but not this time... She had to take the little monster to the ER! He had an awesome Christmas!

Kevin went coyote hunting with Dan and Jackon Rogers and ended up getting a jack rabbit! He was so proud of it! ha ha ha. City boys. I'm just glad he likes to hunt. So My dad got Kevin a gun so I will be posting pictures soon!!! Thats all Kevin has been wanting forever. He was so happy! :) Thank you mom and dad for everything!