Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cam and the Snowmen

Last week I babysat Camdyn. Well when she walked into my house she saw all the snowmen. She HAD to have em. So I get some of the down and let her play with them. Well she had to have them right next to her. If one fell down she would freak out and say UP UP. Like hello put it back up. And if she walked around the house she had to have them all in her arms. She couldn't even take a drink without holding them. ( as you can see in the picture) I'm glad I only showed her 3 because that could have been bad. She would have been really frustrated if she couldn't hold all of them. Then I had to go to target that night so I told her the snowmen are sleeping lets go. That usually works but this time it didn't. She would not leave the house with out them. So I told she could take ONE. Nope she started crying and she still wouldn't go. So we packed them all up and headed to Target. She would not let them out of her sight she loved them so much. It really was so cute. This picture is exactly how she was with them. Kevin and I were laughing so hard at her. She really loved the snowmen. She was really pretty good for me but only if she had the Snowmen with her. She's is just to funny and she knows exactly what she wants. Camo we love you! It's always fun watching her because she does the funniest things.

Monday, December 1, 2008

This is our thanksgiving.......

So me and Kevin left Vegas around 4:00 PM for a 9 hour drive to Sacramento Cali. We were planning on getting out by 1:00 but since we rented a car we waited FOREVER to get it. When we finally got on the road Kevin realized the car didn't have cruse control. Oh man let me tell ya he was so mad. He wouldn't even talk he just had this really mad look on his face. Personally....... I thought it was kinda funny just because Kevin doesn't get mad that often. but it really did suck. So our trip you could say didn't start off very good. Then... we were talking just about life and things and we were even dancing because we were so board. While all that was going on Kevin didn't hear the GPS say were to go and...... we got lost. Kevin didn't say anything to me and just kept going. So I had no clue I just kept talking. I saw that we were kinda by Six flag's but I didn't say anything. Then We stopped and slept that night because we were both so tired AND he still didn't say anything.... The next day which was Thursday we arrive to Grandpa's and Lissi's house and they were all wondering what happened. So Kevin tells them we got lost.... In my mind I was thinking what the crap we were????? I played a long with it so I didn't make a big deal or whatever and I didn't say anything. It was kinda funny. He said he didn't tell me because I would have got scared or called my dad to have him find out where to go. ( he's right I would have) Anyways I just thought it was kind of a funny story. So all you Bedfords know the truth I didn't know we were lost!

Here are some pictures... I wish I would have taken more but I didn't!

We played Bocce ball before we went and ate. This is Kevin's Cousin Jamie. :) I love this kid. It was so nice to see him.

This is Kevin and Charlene. She is French and she loved everyone. Her and Kev would talk french to each other. It was so cute. She was one smart girl.

Kevin playing Bocce ball.

This is us at thanksgiving Dinner
Dennis and Jamie. Grandpa and Lissi.
Grandpa.... He is so cute. I just love him. He would tell jokes after jokes. It was so funny.
Kevin and Charlene Speaking french to each other.

This was all of us that came. The dinner was so good.

This is our hat picture! Anyone who had a hat had to wear it. These are Kevin's cousins. I finally met all of them. They were so nice and funny. We really laughed none stop. The

Uncle Greg and Jamie being... I don't know just goofy. We were shopping. I love Uncle Greg. (Thanks for the coat I love it)

And this is us our last night. Greg took us 4 out to the Cheese Cake Factory. We really had fun with him and Jamie. I already miss them.

We missed Kevin's Sister and 2 brothers in Texas and his 2 sisters here and that was it. The rest was there. It was awesome. They made me feel right at home and that helped A LOT because I was getting so homesick. But they helped. We laughed NON STOP. The Bedford side is so funny. I just love them! I do wish the kids from Texas went because I miss them so much. Thank you again Grandpa and Lissi!!!!