Sunday, April 20, 2008


Shannon! This is Kevin's friend. It was his 25th birthday today. We had dinner at his house today and it was fun. We hope you had a HAPPY birthday!

Shannon and Keshia
Keshia being a dork! :) love ya girl!

Also I have to say Happy LATE Birthday to JENNY! This month we have 7 birthdays and I have forgot them all but Shannon's and it's because he lives here. I am soooo bad. I am so sorry Jen and I couldn't find a picture of you. I am so bad. But I love you and I hope you had a good birthday!!!! Oh and I didn't forget I just forgot to call. I work all day and when I think of things it's always at work and then when I get home I forget. But I guess I can't use that. I should remember things better.

UFC Party Matt Serra VS George St. Pierre

We had a UFC party last night at our house and we had a blast. Kevin's dad Dennis and his friend Chris came over. Dan and Chelsee were there too. We were glad St. Pierre won. I don't know why I love the UFC fights but I do. Here are a few pictures that I took. Sorry I over loaded.

Camdyn loves kevin. I mean she really does. She sat here for about 15 min with him. That was the longest I have ever seen her sit still. He was feeding her swiss cheese. And she couldn't stop eating it she loved it. She would follow him around all night. We think it's because Kevin had food. She's like her dad. Anywhere there is food so is Dan. lol

Chris, Kev and Dennis. I love my father in law he's so fun.

Dan in my new rocking chair.

Chelsee was waiting for Kevin to make her a pancake. Thanks Chelsee for being such a good sport. Dan got home that night from being gone for 2 days.

This is little Ava. We call her bulldog. Because when she cries she looks like one. Our friends Brian and Chailyn asked me to tend her. I love this little girl. When I babysit her she is always SOO good not joking the best girl ever. And I'm not saying this to be nice she really is so easy. Well she wasn't as good this time. She really missed her mom and dad. And her mom Chailyn forgot her Binky lol. ;) As you can see in this picture she wasn't happy. Thanks for Chelsee she would drive her around in the truck and try to make her happy.

She was getting happier and being Ava again and playing.

This is how our night ended. After everyone left she was out. I love it because all she wants to do is snuggle. I love tending her she really is always so fun and good. She is so dang cute! I'm glad to be her babysitter.

Monday, April 14, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY.....................

KASON! I hope you had an awesome 8Th birthday. I can't believe he is 8. This kid is the sweetest kid ever. This picture explains him perfect! We love you.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our life is so Boring!

Okay so I hate it when people never update there blog. Bugs the crap out of me because I wanna see what everyone is up to. I always want to but it would be just pictures of Camdyn. So you might as well just look at Cheslee's. Well our friends had a office party. It was a blast but of cores I forgot our camera. (always do that) Then we went to the fair in Logan Dale with our friends Shannon and Keshia. I took my camera but it was DEAD!! I was soo mad. I got one picture that it on Keshia camera. Maybe sometime I will try to take pictures of Kevin and what we do but he hates pictures and he is anti blog. (he's getting better) But I have a Picture from the Fair just for my Aunt Barb (I though of her) so I will post it later. Love everyone and Linde I really miss you guys! Here are a few pictures of Harlee when she was born 4 years ago.


This is Harlee when she was just a few minutes old. Jen I hope you don't mind that I put this pictures of you and her on but I love the way your looking at her!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I am so excited for tonight! The office starts. This show is our all time favorite show. I just had to post this because I can't wait to get off work and watch it. Our friends are having a party so I will post pictures if (I get any) later!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sad News

I didn't know if I should even blog this but I decided I would. I had a miscarriage. I now wish I didn't tell everyone to save this part but I was just to excited about it. I was cramping everyday and I knew it wasn't normal but I thought I would be okay. I started spotting Thursday and went to the Dr. and they were doing blood work. But last night I knew I had one. Sometimes you never know why things happen but there is always a good reason why. I'm fine and I am glad to know that I can get pregnant after all the health problems I have had. So that is a awesome and wonderful blessings.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I had to post these pictures. We went to Dan and Chelsee's house for dinner. (thanks chels) and these are the pictures that I got. Isn't this so funny! Camdyn has 2 teeth on the side. Fang teeth. lol And 1 or 2 on the bottom. Correct me Chels if I've got it wrong. I just think she is so stinking cute. Where does this child come from?? I can't even explain how funny she is. She is just such a crackup.

She does love her Uncle Kevin. When she see's him she goes right up to him. And he love's it.

She is just so funny with these teeth.

She was LOVING this brownie. Chelsee makes them so good!!!