Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our trip to Arizona

was so much fun. We left Saturday morning and got there that night and headed straight to Denver and Megan finch's reception. It was really fun to see a lot of people right away. When Monday came I took all the kids to school that morning. Now I'm going to let everyone know that Kenzi doesn't let Just anyone take her to school so I felt pretty dang good about myself if you know what I'm sayin. Anyways well.. then she wanted me to go help in her class with her teacher so I did. .... not just Monday, I did Wednesday and Thursday. I would have helped Tuesday but we went to Show Low and Friday we went to mesa. haha it gets better...... Linde gets a phone call from Kenzi's teacher and she said Can Amanda come eat lunch with Keizi? All the kids want her too. So I hurried and got ready and booked it down there. Well little did I know after lunch was was like a 45 min recess so I pretty much played with ALL the kids. Not joking. We played hopscotch with a rock. There was a huge line waiting to play. Even the boys were in on it. Ohhhhhh my it was great. Kenzi loved every min of it. I did too cuz I got to spend time with her. We love going home cuz its just nice to relax. We went to the boys basketball game and they WON! heck yeah they kicked some trash too. Then on Friday we left for mesa. We stayed with Nate and Jen. It was a blast seeing their kids. We haven't seen them for a long time. And saw Timmy and Tori. We also went to a concert.. Thriving Ivory. It was a blast. It was Kyron, Kason and Shelbi's first one. ( I think) I forgot my camera of course. But we had a blast to get away. I love being with my family. We are crazy but we are very close and I love it. I miss them all the time. I got to see a lot of people not for long but it was fun.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Not a normal day with Camo..

So last Saturday I babysat Camdyn while Dan and Chelsee went to Costco. It was a really unusual day for her. But at first it was normal. Dan and Chelsee droped her off and she screamed her head off, that's the normal part.. so I decided to give her a little mini pedicure. So I threw her in the bath and scrubbed her feet and of course she was telling me banda get in now.. So I did. She is so stinking funny. I don't have pictures of the.. that would just be awful. haha anyways so then I took her into my room stacked pillows and laid her on them and put little mermaid on and started to paint her toes. This is where its NOT normal.. she totally fell asleep! I was amazed. I gave her a foot rub and then painted her toes while I was blowing on them she was out. It was so funny. Anyways it was a fun day. She did wake up about an hour after because Kevin's friends came. But for her to fall asleep like that for ME was pretty good. Love ya camo.

She pickes her noes all the time.. tonight she was even doing it with her toes.. Who does that??

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