Saturday, November 21, 2009

34 weeks pictures

I know I'm totally overloading with pictures. Ultrasound pictures once you've seen one they all look the same. But These one's you can see her so good. I'm 34 weeks so she really has developed from last time. I am very excited to say that She has a full head of hair. :) I have been scared that she wasn't going to have any, I don't know why. And the umbilical cord was on her face so it was hard to get her full front face. But here are some of the pictures that I chose to post. She looks so comfortable

The lady called this the Elvis look. haha Her left lip is kinda going up.

The 2nd on top and the bottom left shows her BIG lips and her nose really good. I loved looking at her lips they look so pretty.

She's yawning in the bottom left and then she's smiling in the bottom right. It was so cute

Smiling for us :) Look at those Cheeks

Here is her HUGE lips again. And her little nose...

It was so fun seeing her this big. It gives me even more of an idea of what she's gonna look like. I think she looks like Kevin. But has my chubby cheeks. Now I just can't wait to see her even more.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Little up date

Just a little update, I'm doing pretty good. 2 weeks ago I started feeling contractions for about 3 days but I didn't say anything because they were not close together, then Sunday morning they were really close. I've always have made fun of women who think they are in labor and go to the hospital all the time so I didn't wanna go. I did say anything to Kevin because he already had a lot on his mind and he didn't need a crazy wife saying she was having contractions. So I called my mom and from there Kevin took me to the hospital and the nurse's hooked me up to all the monitors and sure enough I was in pre labor and 60% effaced. They gave me a shot and they stopped for about 6 hours and they came back and I have them everyday but they are not close enough. So now I have to go to the Dr. once a week and get this shot. Last week I was 75%effaced so he put me on bed rest! So far these 2 weeks have sucked! But in the next breath I am so excited to be having a baby. I know I have to stay down because if I progress anymore I can't go home for thanksgiving and for my shower and Linde will KILL me. I really do feel bad for the women who get put on it for months. I don't know how they do it. Kevin has been awesome, and taking really good care of me. I love that kid. I'm 33 weeks.. 7 weeks to go! I took pictures of Jordin's bedroom its been done for months I'm just lazy. But my computer is being gay so that will be the next post. Other then that I'm fat, huge and ready to get this little girl here- but not too soon!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Time Flys

This post is just for fun. I've been missin my family the last few days and I came across some old pictures and I thought they were pretty funny. Most of these are from 5 plus years ago.

These two started it all...

Just us :)
My dad and his counselors dancing for our ward Christmas party. ohh my dad cracks me up

my mom doing what she does best, being a grammie :) Harlee and Kenzi

Linde and Luke with only 3 kids.. now they added two more.

Linde, Kyron, Kason and Kenzi... The guy in the back ground looks like he's eyeing Linde lol
The Beach.. Kenzi was chubbyThis smile Kenzi did all the time.. Loved itKooper 2 years agoKali Jett 2008
Kevin and Trex
DaxNate and Harlee Shelbi would always cross her eyes and thought she was so big.

Shelbi and HarleeNate and Jen

Dan and Chelsee.. before Camo

Kevin and Camo
Linde and Jen at Six Flags

My mom would hold all the boy's hats while we all rode the rides at 6 six flags. I love Luke's face... I have the best brother in law :)

Timmy in Vermont getting ready to snowboard down the hill.. He thought he was so cool.

Me and Kev.. over 3 years go. :)

My mom and Dad have 5 kids and 13 grand kids.... 2 are on the way. That brings our family a total of 25. Holy crap that's a lot of people. I love having a big family, Our family pictures are never perfect some kid is always crying or Nate or Dan is having a cow about taking them but its always fun to look back and laugh. Its never quiet or a dull moment. It makes me sad that the kids are growing us so fast. Linde had Kyron right before I started 6Th grade that's how fast they are growing. I think I have the best family in the world! and its all because of my mom and dad. All of us siblings are so close and we are so blessed to have that. :) Thanks mom and dad :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hope everyone had a good Halloween! We went to our friends house for a party and it was a blast! I thought our costumes were the best. I laugh everytime I think of them. Kev didn't want to wear them at first but I made him. So any of you who are prego next year this is an easy cheep way to go! (and funny) Anyways............... I'm 31 weeks here and Fat!
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