Monday, July 20, 2009

Its A...........................

Girl!We are so excited. Kevin was in shock, and I cried. But it was a good shock and a happy cry. :) This little girl is a mover. Holy crap! She was totally putting on a show for us. The lady was laughing and thought she was so funny. I'll post pictures later..... (I need Kevin's help) I've already been shopping a little. :) I can't wait!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I hope everyone had a good 4th. I know we sure did! How can you not in Eagar? It was fun to go home and see a lot of people that I haven't seen in a long time. But then again I feel like I was so busy that I didn't get to see everyone. We did see Coach Ray and his wife so that made my whole trip. Anyways my parents were out of town but that didn't stop us from having The family breakfast., And it went great, I love seeing the Family. We missed Nate,Jenny and the kids but I get to see them in a few weeks and I'm excited. The parade was so good this year, but I will have to say not very many people were throwing candy and if you don't know I am the candy freak and I help the kids every year get some even if I have to push people out of the way, (not joking) and I was kinda mad that there was not much candy. I am all the kids best friend for that hour. Its like they can't function unless I help them.. its great! I love it. I feel bad sometimes cuz I leave Kevin and I don't see him till its over.. oh well he's a good sport. The Rodeo was fun, and the fireworks were awesome!!! 

I came home with Dan and Chelsee and Kevin stayed. He will be living with my parents for about 6 weeks, he's helping on Linde's house and so far he is loving it! He loves it cuz he get to see Kali everyday. Yes we all know her and Layne are his favorite and so he is in heaven being there. Kenzi loves it too, he jumps on the tramp and will do pretty much anything for her, he loves them all. :) Its only been 4 days and already I'm dying. But I'll get to see him in 2 weeks for a whole week because his sister and her family is coming from Texas and we can't wait to see them. Its the only time my dad will let him off and I'm glad its for a week. :) I am feeling SO much better! I am off the pills and wow its made a difference. I have a Dr. app on Friday and then in 2 weeks we will know what it is! I can't wait. 

I have pictures but I am retarded and don't know how to down load them so I have to wait for Kevin to get home. But the 4Th was so fun!