Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I haven't done a post for a while and Kevin has not downloaded any new pictures for me because he is so busy. But I found some pictures that I totally forgot to blog. So here are a few from July when we stayed with Nate and Jen after the 4th of July and after the lake.

Dax Hanging out with Kev

This was so cute Kevin kept telling the boys to kiss and so Dudley kept kissing and kissing Dax it was so cute. Then he moved on the Kevin.... ( I have SO many of the kissing pictures because they just kept going and going but these were the best)

I love this picture. It look's like he's totally eying Kevin thinking hum.... should I kiss him...

And he does... It was so cute they were both just loving on him.

Dax is wanting in on it too...

I just thought these two pictures of the boys were cute.
I did the girls Makeup. Aren't they so cute! ;)
Me and Jen
I know all of this is from July but we had a blast staying at Nate's and Jen's. Thanks again guys! ;)