Sunday, March 6, 2011

She's a mess

Jrodin is almost 15 months and she is the funniest kid. She can say 17 words but wont walk. She knows how she done it but she wont do it. She is getting in to everything. She loves to watch princess and the frog and mickey mouse. She sure keeps us busy but is happy all the time. When she see a camera she says ezzzz and smile for you real big. I just love this kid and we can't get enough of her.

First Pig tales


Linde said...

I LOVE her cheesey smile! She is so cute and I miss her (and you) like CrAzY!

Linde said...

Come home, I NEED to see her (and you guys) and she is sooo cute. What a happy little girl!

Mandy said...

She is a doll! Love her personality?) Wonder where she gets it!??:)