Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jordin LOVES Kenzi

Jordin is such a people person, she loves kids and loves to be in the middle of everything but what she loves the most is Kenzi! Every time we go home and she see Kenzi she freaks out and can't get enough of her. And when she see's a picture of Kenzi she points and gets a huge smile on her face and says ezz ezz. lol It cracks me up how much Jordin loves Kenzi. She had a blast w/ her. This picture says it all. They were buddies. Jordin loved Kalie too but as soon as Kenzi walked in the room Jordin didn't care about anyone but Kenz.


Tori said...

What cute girls!

Linde said...

She loves Jordan too!
It is funny how she freaks out when she sees her. I love it and so does Kenzi.

Cameron said...

Wish we could see Jordin. She is such a cutie!!

Anonymous said...